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Building The Taskforce

To help us create A City That Works For Everyone – Men And Boys Included – will facilitate the development of four key Taskforces with a broad partnership of individuals and organisations from across the city under the following themes:

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Our Strategic Framework

Our Citywide Strategy For Men And Boys is not a formally adopted strategy and so does not sit within an official framework of overview and scrutiny. It is however has been designed in service of the city to will the

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The Men’s Network

The Men’s Network is a charitable organisation that was founded in March 2010 with the express intention of developing a citywide strategy for men and boys. We are both a community of identity, in that our volunteers are predominantly male

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An Introduction To The Strategy

The ‘Our Strategy’ section of The Men’s Network blog outlines the first draft of our Citywide Strategy For Men & Boys which we have called A City That Works For Everyone – Including Men and Boys. Our intention is to

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The methodology behind our strategy

The unifying methodology of our strategy to create A City That Works For Everyone – Including Men And Boys – is that in everything we do we will seek to build and strengthen community networks, tackle low male social capital

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The Political and Philosophical Landscape

In the past, specialist work with men and boys has tended to be delivered from a particular philosophical viewpoint – eg pro-feminist, anti-feminist, religious, new age etc. If our strategy to create A City That Works For Everyone – Including

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Equalities Has Failed Men and Boys

The old approach to Equalities no longer works. Any approach to Equality built on a black and white view of the world can only fail. Any approach that assumes that all men are equal and all women are not equal

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Our New Approach To Equality

Our new approach to Equalities – that is designed to help the city work for everyone including men and boys – is 100% aligned to the new national Equalities Strategy and Brighton & Hove Council’s 2010 Single Equalities Scheme. What

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Helping Every Dad Be A Great Dad

Giving every dad the support he needs to be a great dad at every stage of fatherhood will help us transform the ways our city works for everyone. In 2011 we will launch a Fatherhood Taskforce – which we hope

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Keeping Men And Boys Safe

Taking action to keep every man and boy in our city safe will make the city a safer place for everyone. To help us help do this we will create a Keeping Men and Boys Safe Taskforce with a focus

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