Health professionals invited to attend national men and boys conference

If you work with men locally or nationally on any aspect of men’s health, wellbeing and social care, you may want to attend the Second National Conference for Men and Boys on Friday 2nd November.

The conference promises to be the biggest ever gathering of people committed to improving the lives of men and boys in the UK and will be of particular interest to you are working in any way on men’s health issues.

As a delegate you’ll enjoy talks, discussions, best practice presentations and the opportunity to share your experience and ideas with others and ask lots of questions too.

As well as hearing about effective approaches to working with men on a broad range health issues covering  physical, mental, sexual, social and emotional health and wellbeing, there’ll be lots of examples of how to work effectively with men from specialists in other sectors like fatherhood, social care and community safety.

Some of the expert speakers and contributors on health and mental health will include:

  • Jim Pollard of the Men’s Health Forum, the national charity that has championed men’s health issues for more than a decade
  • Simon Howes of the male suicide prevention charity CALM UK which takes an innovative approach to engaging with men who aren’t accessing mainstream services
  • Sam Thomas founder of Men Get Eating Disorders Too, which is changing perceptions about eating disorders through a skillful combination of media campaigning and sector training
  • Berkeley Wilde of the Diversity Trust, a men’s health champion who will share his research on engaging gay, bisexual and transgender men rural communities
  • Ryan Walshe, a young cancer survivor who delivers health awareness talks to thousands of teenagers through his Talking Testicles project

Other experts to look out for throughout the day include:

  • Andy Wood of MensCraft who has been helping to increase the take up of breastfeeding in new mums by working with dads
  • Pip Reilly from Mensfe the UK’s leading expert working with men who are infertile
  • Mark Williams who works with dads experiencing post-natal depression
  • Mike Jenn champion of the emerging Men’s Sheds movement which offers a unique approach to providing support services to older men
  • Dr Peter Ball and Dr John Warren of NORM UK who are experts on tackling unnecessary male circumcision
  • Dr Luke Sullivan of Men’s Minds Matter 

And you may also be interested on sessions about using social media to engage young fathers, working with men who are victims of domestic and sexual violence and developing men and boys through mentoring and rites of passage.

Tickets for the conference range from £50 to £150 and for supporters of The Men’s Network who donate £25 or more in 2012 apply for a FREE ticket today can. Click here now to find out how now.

But before you do that if you live or work in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex or West Sussex why not contact us now to see if you qualify for a further reduction and can get a low cost local partner ticket today – email for details.

Finally, if you’re concerned with helping men and boys get better access to and outcomes from your service, or maybe you’re interested in developing new services and projects for men and boys, then you’ll probably find the forthcoming training called ‘Helping Men Get Help’ very useful.

Click here now to find out more about the Helping Men Get Help Course

For more information about The Second National Conference For Men and Boys an also The Big Man Gathering the following day CLICK HERE NOW.


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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