10.55am – 13.00pm: Sector Showcase


10.55am – 13.00pm: Sector Showcase

If you want to find about some of the challenges, trends and emerging good practice in work to support dads, improve men’s health, tackle violence and abuse and help men and boys reach their potential – then this is your chance to spend an hour in the company of the UK’s leading experts to find out what’s happening in your area of interest and get all your questions answered. These sessions take place in three separate breakout areas.

10.55 am – 11.55 noon: Sector Showcase Part One

Breakout Area 1: Fatherhood – helping every dad be the great dad he wants to be. This session brings together an impressive mix of experts working with dads in many different ways. This is a chance to spend an hour with speakers featured elsewhere in the programme from projects like SuperDads, Dads Connect, Dads Matter Too, Including Men and Brook Cornwall.

Look out for Roger Olley MBE, author of ‘Engaging Fathers in the Early Years’, Mark Williams of Fathers Reaching Out, which provides support for dads with post-natal depression; Andy Wood of MensCraft who reveals how he’s helping to increase breast-feeding rates by working with dads and Matt O Connor founder of Fathers4Justice.

The sessions is facilitate by Dick Baker who works with Journeyman UK

10.55 am – 11.55 noon: Sector Showcase Part One cont…..

Breakout Area 2: Men’s Health – helping men and boys live long, happy, healthy lives.

The cause of improving  men’s health has been championed in the UK for more than a decade by the charity The Men’s Health Forum. In this session the editor of the forum’s www.malehealth.co.uk website will be joined by GPs, health professionals an campaigners including Tony Wright of NHS Brighton & Hove who works to engage men in health promotion campaigns, Berkeley Wilde of the Diversity Trust, who is a men’s health champion with a particular interested in the health of gay, bisexual and transgender men; Ryan Walshe, a young cancer survivor who delivers health awareness talks to thousands of teenagers through his Talking Testicles project; Dan Peters, a counsellor with a particular interested in the links between addiction and men’s health and Dr Peter Ball and Dr John Warren from the charity NORM UK.

The session will be facilitated by Toby Buckle of Leading The Change.

10.55 am – 11.55 noon: Sector Showcase Part One cont…..

Breakout Area 3: Violence & Abuse – making the world safer by keeping men and boys safe

This fascinating session brings together leading experts from the world of domestic violence working with both men as victims and men as perpetrators.

Mark Brooksis Chair of the long established ManKind Initiative which runs a national helpline for abused men who are abused by their partners, he is joined by Alison Waugh from Abused Men In Scotland, a relatively new service that is expanding north of the border. Other speakers will be confirmed on the day.

This session is facilitated by Kenny D’Cruz who works with The ManKind Project.

12.00 noon – 1.00pm: Sector Showcase Part Two

Breakout Room 1: Mental Health – helping men and boys get help

Suicide – the ultimate indicator of men being failed by the system?

More than 10 men kill themselves every single day in UK, accounting for three quarters of all suicides. Simon Howes of the male suicide prevention CALM will explore how we can make it easier for men to get help with a broad range of mental health issues.

He is joined in this fascinating conversation by founder of Men Get Eating Disorders Too, Sam Thomas who is changing perceptions about eating disorders through a skillful combination of media campaigning and sector training.

Mark Williams of Fathers Reaching Out shares his experience of supporting dads with post-natal depression while Mike Jenner represents the Men’s Sheds movement, which began life in Australia as a novel way of tackling the social isolation of older men.

Facilitated by Ben Dew of The Men’s Network.

12.00 noon – 1.00pm: Sector Showcase Part Two cont……

Breakout Room 2: Sexual Health – helping men enjoy healthy sex lives

From porn addiction to sexual dysfunction to sexual violence and sexually transmitted diseases, our conversations around Sexual Health are rarely focused on helping men and women be sexually fulfilled.

Pip Reilly, counsellor, infertility specialist and founder of the men’s fertility website Mensfe will facilitate a unique converation with a diverse group of experts from the world of sexual health.

Experts on issues like sexual health, foreskin health, testicular health and HIV/Aids will focus not only on men’s sexual problems but also  on the opportunities that working with men around sexual health issues can provide both for the client and the practitioner.

Contributors will include Dr Sasha Mitrofanov, who works with men to help them improve their family and sexual relationships by focussing on the on psychological aspects of men’s sexuality; representatives of NORM UK, the UK’s leading experts on foreskin health and male circumcision and other contributors to be announced on the day.

12.00 noon – 1.00pm: Sector Showcase Part Two cont……

Breakout Room 3: Developing Men & Boys – helping men and boys to reach their potential

Join some of the UK’s leading providers of men’s groups and rites of passage training for men and boys in the UK including representatives from Journeyman UK, abandofbrothers, MensCraft and the Mankind Project.

In this session, led by experienced men’s work practitioner, Chris Sharpe of the Springboard Consultancy we will explore why it is important to provide opportunities to help men and boys  grow and develop, how ‘men’s work’ by be delivered through social projects and public sector partnerships and how we can enable more men and boys to access this type of work in ways that are appropriate to them.



Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at www.helpingmen.co.uk.

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