Video: The Men’s Network At TEDx 2012

The work of The Men’s Network was featured in a day of inspiring talks at The London School of Economic (LSE) to promote the development of tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders.

The aim of the TEDx (LSE) event is to support a generation of innovation, critical thinking and leadership in order to promote meaningful change in this world.

The event,  which featured a talk by The Men’s Network’s Strategic Director, Glen Poole, gave students, faculty, experts and community members the opportunity to come together and engage in stimulating dialogue and the exchange of ideas in one of the world’s leading social science institutions.

Click here now to read about the event or see the full list of speakers by clicking here  or read a report on the talk delivered by Glen Poole here.


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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6 comments on “Video: The Men’s Network At TEDx 2012
  1. Barry says:

    Wow, just wow. Great talk and I would add the world needs more of this kind of discussion. Thanks to The Men’s Network for leading the way!

    A recommendation: Make a series of Utube videos on various men’s issues, they will draw in more supporters for the project.

  2. Jack Kammer says:

    Bravo. For more in the same spirit, please see the Center for Men and Boys in Social Policy .

  3. David Eggins says:

    Great, Glen! Gender inclusive is the way, with support for men and boys who are victims as well as services which work with women who are abusers. When the difference in numbers between male and female abusers is 2/13ths, I’ll write that again, two thirteenths, then the safety of children is not achieved by viewing only men as abusers and only women as victims. David. Temper Domestic Violence

    • glenpoole says:

      Thanks David – there are many areas where men and boys are less likely to get support- today is the launch of men’s health week and Men’s Health Forum pointed out that “Services often fail to (consider men’s health needs) with result that men are far less likely to access them than women,” say the Men’s Health Forum.

      In the world of violence and abuse – whether it’s domestic violence, child abuse, street violence, elder abuse, institutional abuse etc etc, you get taken less seriously as a victim if you are male and/or if your attacker is female

      If we are committed to equality, then this is an issue we need to address

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