Local groups praised for getting men in schools

Groups in Brighton & Hove have been praised for encouraging more men into schools according to a report in the Brighton Argus.

They City of Brighton & Hove has a higher than average proportion of men working in primary schools according to a report on male teachers by  the group “realmanswork” which highlighted the work of The Men’s Network and A Few Good Men.

With men accounting for less than 1 in 6 primary school teachers and less than 5% of pre-school workers locally being male, there is a huge under-representation of men and male role models in the school system.

The public sector has a commitment to ensure its workforce reflects the  diversity of the communities it services – and as 50% of pupils are male, the current gender imbalance in the workforce does not reflect this with 1 in 4 primary school teachers nationally having no male teachers.

One way to address this  imbalance is to get more male non-teaching staff, volunteers and fathers/family men into schools. The majority of inclusion mentors working in local schools, for example, are female although the majority of pupils they serve are boys.

One area when great inroads have been made locally is in the engagement of dads in schools, a drive which has been led by Alistair Mayor of SuperDads who runs dads’ groups in schools and helps sustainable dads groups to form within school communities.

Some success stories include Whitehawk Superdads and the Hertford Juniors Dads’ Choir which made its first public performance this Easter.

Both the Whitehawk Superdads and A Few Good Men project benefitted from the 2011 Community Leaders Programme run by The Men’s Network.


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at www.helpingmen.co.uk.

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One comment on “Local groups praised for getting men in schools
  1. Sinbad King says:

    good as this is it highligts how bad things have become with regard to mens role in society and our insecurity in nurturing situations. All praise for the good work. There is so much to be done in so many areas. One small step for man, one long march for mankind

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