Male student loses his sexism busting battle

A student who launched a sex discrimination lawsuit against Europe’s largest gender studies department at The London School of Economics (LSE) has lost his court battle.

The basis of his case is that he signed up for the university’s Gender, Media and Culture Masters and found it to be  sexist against men.

However, barrister Nick Armstrong, for the LSE, successfully argued that there were no grounds for moving to what would have been likely to be a long trial.

The judge added that he agreed with Mr Armstrong’s argument that Mr Martin’s claim was too weak to have a reasonable chance of success in any trial.

Tom raised a good deal of publicity and generated some interesting debates on the way – not least in a feature on BBC’s Woman’s Hour entitled  – “Is Feminism Sexist?”

The discussion was led by Jenni Murray, who herself has spoken out against female students opposing men’s groups on university campuses.

Speaking on Woman’s Hour Tom said:

“The bottom line is that professional feminists are actually actively blocking men’s issues discourse. So for instance I was debating the women’s officer of the National Union of Students last week and during the debate she admitted that men do have issues. But behind the scenes in a policy document her organisation instructs members to claim that men face no issues, that men’s officers on university campuses should be banned, that men’s groups should be banned too.”

As we have said previously, Tom highlighted a very important issue – where do students go to study gender issues that relate to men and boys and consider gender issues from a non-feminist perspective?

If we are to build a diverse and vibrant sector that is exquisitely skilled at tackling key issues like boys educational performance, male suicide, fatherlessness, violence against men and boys etc – how do we do this without giving students the option to develop their expertise in these areas.

Highlighting ‘sexism against men’ is not an easy conversation to deliver and he has had a greater impact than most campaigners who come from a ‘men’s rights’ perspective – as the invitation to appear on Woman’s Hour suggests.

He also dared to take the debate into areas where most fear to tread, such as false rape allegations, in ways that seem to have inflamed more than they have informed. No-one we know of has found a way to put this important issue –  that impacts innocent men – onto the public agenda in a way that ensures that we continue to do a better job for both rape victims and victims of false rape claims in future. The voice of victims – male or female – needs to heard and male victims of false allegations in UK do need a credible and effective champion.

We look forward to seeing how Tom develops his interest in men’s issues in the future.


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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13 comments on “Male student loses his sexism busting battle
  1. You say: “We look forward to seeing how Tom develops his interest in men’s issues.”

    He doesn’t seem to be much of a sexism “buster” as a sexist, to put it mildly.

    • glenpoole says:

      Thanks for the comments David – if you have better examples of how you and/or others are addressing sexism against men then do please share them with us – Regards

  2. […] Finally a LSE student who  wanted to sue the university for sex discrimination has lost his court case – find out why here. […]

  3. Adi says:

    David Futrelle spends all his efforts painting men’s rights activists as misogynists. As such you won’t be getting any help from him in support of men’s rights.

  4. I am terribly disappointed by this outcome….I have thought womens’ studies have been skewed ideologically against men for decades….I had a mother who belittled my father repeatedly and as we know children feel each slight against a parent as a physical blow…when I studied feminism in the eighties I was in a lot of pain about the way men were constructed but didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to protest….I am so pleased that this student raised this most import issue and that although it failed this time around that it has been before the courts….I do feel that it’s only a matter of time before there is a shift…anything I can do?

  5. I should tell you I am female ! 🙂

  6. glenpoole says:

    HI @empathicangermanagement – “anything I can do?” – from the perspective of The Men’s Network a key way forward is the development of strong, confident, positively pro-male, well-connected, well-funded, solution-driven sector working for men and boys in the UK –

    I believe right now the best thing we can all do is keep connecting and supporting each other and generating new conversations that lead to new actions – in a sense this is what Tom did – he started a new conversation and took new actions – which led to to debates and media coverage and energized people interested in men’s rights

    Our focus is developing and delivering great services in Brighton & Hove and building networks nationally and internationally – and connecting people through those networks – that’s the best general suggestion I can make right now – thanks for you support and please stay connected to the conversation

  7. Michael says:

    What happens when men go ‘all lefty’ and try to fight on the same ground, with the same weapons as feminists is that you lose. This guy was a feminist himself. I never bought into his line and neither did the courts. The left are trying to take over the mens rights cause because they are afraid of it and because they know it is having a growing impact world wide. They want to soften everything down into ‘new man speak’ but the men’s rights groups know what they are up too and are NOT buying into it. This site is just another form of the leftist agenda and I am not buying into it either girly boys. Nice try though.

    • glenpoole says:

      “This site is just another form of the leftist agenda and I am not buying into it either girly boys”

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Michael

      The Men’s Network doesn’t have a political left or right stance – our concern is men’s issues – we want every town, city, county in the country to be doing substantially better for men and boys – men are more likely to be murdered, commit suicide, end up homeless, in prison, separated from their kids – boys are more likely to be taken into care, excluded from school, fail in exams, end up unemployed – young men are two-and-a-half times more likely to die before the age of 25 than young women……

      The fact that men and boys face huge inequalities in these and other areas is undeniable – and that’s been true under different political parties both locally and nationally and internationally

      If you could show me a local city council that had halved young male suicide for example I wouldn’t mind if they were left, right, liberal, green, coalition or independent – I’d just want to know what they’d done that had made a difference and how we could replicate what they’d done to halve young male suicide in every town and city in the country

      Put in short we area solution-driven organisation not an organisation driven by a singular political philosophy

      For clarity who are these “men’s rights groups” who are “NOT buying into it”?

      Much Love

      One of the “girly boys” x

  8. Michael says:

    Yes, we know who you are Glen. Your problem is that you have no idea who we are and how many of there are. Save your kisses for the rest of the lefty feminist girls boys. Your days are numbered.

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