TV Soap Shocker – Male Star Victim Of Domestic Violence

The world’s longest running TV soap – Coronation Street – is to show ‘shocking scenes of domestic violence by a woman against a man’.

According to a report in The Sun newspaper “viewers will see mild-mannered Tyrone Dobbs beaten up by sinister new fiancée Kirsty Soames”.

Mark Brooks, chair of The ManKind Initiative that recently hosted a national conference on male victims of domestic violence said:

“Ths brave Corrie storyline will make a real difference to the thousands of men suffering in silence behind their front doors. It will powerfully demonstrate that men as well as women can be victims of domestic abuse.

“It may be uncomfortable viewing to see Tyrone being assaulted by someone he loves. But if it helps just one man find the courage to escape from violence, it will all be worth it.”

While 1 in 6 men experience domestic violence and account for and estimated 40% of victims – male victims of domestic violence are twice as likely to suffer in silence.

Click here to read The Men’s Network’s report on male victims of domestic violence 




Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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2 comments on “TV Soap Shocker – Male Star Victim Of Domestic Violence
  1. amos2008 says:

    I remember a few years ago when one of the soaps had a scene where a man attacked a woman, there was a nationwide outcry. Viewers, mainly women, seemed to take the view that it was a real event. Some wrote in to say that the actor playing the part should be taken out of the series. There was a terrific hooha. I wonder whether the forthcoming scene where a woman is the perpetrator will get the same reception. Will thousands of men (or even women??) write to complain and insist that the character concerned should be taken out of the series. I very much doubt it. The British public has been brainwashed for many years that women are angels and men are villains. This will be a good test to find out just how fairminded the British public are. We shall see!

  2. […] news – domestic violence against men is going to be a storyline in Coronation Street – read about this here – which is welcome news for those professionals who are committed to work in this field and […]

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