Delegate List for 2011 Men and Boys Conference

Around 150 delegates registered for The First National Conference for Men and Boys in Brighton & Hove on Tuesday 1st November 2011:

100 Black Men Of London Michael Peters
abandofbrothers Nathan Roberts
abandofbrothers Dan Hartley
abandofbrothers Michael Boyle
abandofbrothers Ian Freeston
abandofbrothers Lucas Pyke
abandofbrothers Aaron Swartz
abandofbrothers Rex Brangwyn
abandofbrothers Mark Nightingale
Amsosa Steve Bevan
Birmingham University Louise Dixon
BIY Project Mike Payne
Black Boys Can Stephen Brooks
Black Boys Can Henroy Green
Brighton & Hove City Council Rachel Friggens
Brighton & Hove City Council Adam Duggan
Brighton & Hove City Council Norah Carr
Brighton & Hove City Council Mark Alderson
Brighton & Hove City Council Lucy Grant
Brighton & Hove City Council Ben McQuade
Brighton & Hove City Council Geri May
Brighton & Hove City Council Paul Salvage
Brighton & Hove City Council Tony Wright
Brook Ed Hart
Brook Jessica Glanfield
Campaign Against Living Miserably Simon Howes
Campaign for Learning Andy Giles
Chance UK Daniel Moir
Children’s Workforce Development Council Thom Crabb
Cornwall County Council Simon Willis
Cornwall County Council Jennifer Skelcey
DAC Service Kate Farmer
Dads Matter Too Mike White
Dads Matter Too Carolyn White
David Bloodwood David Bloodwood
Developing Dads Mark Bylth
Equal Parenting Alliance Ray Barry
Everyman Project Roger Koester
FaithAction Daniel Singleton
Families Need Fathers Ken Sanderson
Father Plus Roger Olley MBE
Fatherhood Institute Rob Williams
Freelancer Clive Dempster
Freelancer David Polak
Freelancer Dan Bell
Freelancer Kenny D’Cruz
Freelancer Nigel Mohammed
Freelancer Nikki van der Gaag
Freelancer Neil Hanchett
Grassroots Training Chris Brown
Inequality Agenda Jennie Williams
It’s A Goal Peter Sayers
Journeyman UK Paul Howell
Journeyman UK Hamish Cormack
Journeyman UK John Zamick
Journeyman UK James Kline
Journeyman UK Matt Hart
Journeyman UK Alastaire Brayne
Journeyman UK Craig Bessant
Journeyman UK Rebecca Harley
Journeyman UK Jon Howell
Journeyman UK Meg Fenwick
Journeyman UK Anna Bianci
Journeyman UK Paul Hawkes
Journeyman UK Sola Adebiyi
Know Yer Balls Liam Kernan
Leeds City Council Carol Gillan
Leeds Metropolitan University Sue Dominey
LifeBuilders David King
London Borough of Walthamstow Mark Rusling
London Psychotherapist Simon Jacobs
Male Development Service Melvyn Davis
Mankind UK Vicci Heaysman
Mankind UK Mona Musgrave
Mankind UK Mark Sole
Mankind UK Jo Green
Mankind UK Steve Malone
Media For Development Scott Colfer
Men Do Complain Richard Duncker
Men Get Eating Disorders Too Sam Thomas
Men Get Eating Disorders Too Nick Watts
Men’s Health Forum Peter Baker
Men’s Matters James Williams
MensCraft Andy Wood
MensCraft Robert Black
Mensfe Pip Reilly
Mind Steve Byhurst
Mind Colin Burns
NHS North Lincs Bob Hulme
NHS Sussex Phil Seddon
NHS Sussex Susie Ryan
NHS Sussex Val Clark
NHS Sussex Dr Elisabth McCulloch
NHS Sussex Lesley Surbey
NHS Wiltshire Darrell Gale
Nicolas Clements Nicolas Clements
Norm UK Peter Ball
Norm UK David Smith
Opportunity Youth Cieran McAuley
Paint Pots Nursery David Wright
Parity David Yarwood
Parity John Mays
Parity Anthony Murphy
Prostate Action Emma Malcolm
Representing Men Peter Leckie
Researcher Ann Danyikiw
Respect UK Neil Blacklock
Respect UK Colin Fitzgerald
ResPublica Sandra Gruescu
Riverside CHP Kevin Rogan
Safety Net Edi Mandala
Sales Insight Dave Pettit
Same Sky Dan Lake
Sorted Magazine Sam Gibb
Sorted Magazine Steve Legg
South West Boys and Young Men Network Paul Hopkins
South West Boys and Young Men Network Lalith Reddy
South West Boys and Young Men Network Duane Bryant
Springfield Project Junior Christie
Stratus Coaching Anna Golawski
Sue Parker Hall Sue Parker Hall
SuperDads Ali Mayor
Sussex Beacon Kate Jewitt
Sussex Beacon Caroline Lovett
Talking Testicles Ryan Walshe
Temper DV David Eggins
Temper DV Denise Knowles
The Diversity Trust Berkeley Wild
The Father’s Club (Kent) John Franklin
The Good Life For All James Togut
The ManKind Initiative Mark Brooks
The Men’s Network Glen Poole
The Men’s Network Toby Buckle
The Men’s Network Kuen Wah Cheung
The Men’s Network Andy Stiller
The Men’s Network John Munford
The Men’s Network Tom Bell
The Men’s Network Russell Honeyman
The Men’s Network David Helps
The Men’s Network Ben Dew
The Men’s Network Dan Peters
The Men’s Network Steve Markwick
The Men’s Network Alan Courtney
The Men’s Network Oliver Sannhaji
The Times Mary Bowers
Ukdads/Potential Project Carlton Gabbidon
Worthing Dads Keith Fowler

Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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5 comments on “Delegate List for 2011 Men and Boys Conference
  1. […] those who asked for a delegate list, please click here now for a list of people who registered (though not all were present on the […]

  2. Peter Baker says:

    A fascinating and inspiring day. Thanks to everyone who made the time to be there and especially to Glen and the Men’s Network team for making it happen.

    If anyone would like to keep up-to-date with the work of the Men’s Health Forum, please subscribe to our free eBulletin at:

    Best wishes

    Peter Baker

  3. Steve Bevan says:

    Hi guys

    Real good to spend time with everyone and connect as we did and more than happy to come again

    We had to leave earlier than planned, but made some good connections and hope to continue our work, making sure that men and boys stay safe and find their voices.

  4. Thank you everyone – especially Glen and the Network – for an energising conference. The people I met and what was said will stay with me.
    Jennie Williams

  5. Mark Brooks says:

    It was a fantastic event

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