Getting more men in children’s lives

The Men’s Network is committed to helping more children in our city experience adult role models such as fathers, father figures, family friends, mentors and male volunteers and workers in education  – and is supporting an open evening for men interested in working with young children that is being held in Brighton & Hove this week. 

The event is part of a local project we support called A Few Good Men which is run by one of our committee members Kuen-Wah Cheung who is an experienced childcare and nursery worker.

Kuen-Wah is committed to helping more men to pursue a successful career working with young children by both encouraging men to consider entering the profession and by providing support to men working in the industry to cope with some of the challenges they can face when working in a predominantly female work environment.

Any men who are considering a career working with young children can come along to this event on Wednesday 12th October from 7pm to 9pm  at The Honeycroft Centre, Sackville Road (where it meets Clarendon Road), BN3 3WF – click HERE to read more on the A Few Good Men Website.

Speaking about why his hosting this event Kuen-Wah said:

“There is quite a shortage of men working in childcare and primary schools. Just 2% of nursery staff and 7% of after school club staff are men and it’s 12% as far as primary school teachers.

What I stand for a world where men play a positive role in the lives of all children. Children stand to gain from the different qualities and experiences that men and women bring. Because there are so few men working with young children, kids are missing out on opportunities to experience men as positive, caring adults in their lives. Women are missing out on a more equal sharing of the task of raising children. Men are missing out on a satisfying career that gives space to their nurturing side and teaching abilities.”

Kuen-Wah’s aim is to increase the number of men working with young children in primary schools, after school clubs, holiday playschemes and nurseries, and childminding. 

There will be introductory talks, tips on applying for work, as well as opportunities to answer questions and meet men already working in the nurseries, playwork settings and primary schools.

As well as potential newcomers, the ‘A Few Good Men’ event is for existing male early years workers, playworkers and primary school teachers and teaching assistants to meet, share experiences and get support from each other.

Keun-Wah is also keen to emphasise the importance of existing male workers coming together to support each other and share experiences. He says:

“As a man who works in a nursery, I know that there is something great to be had from sharing experiences with other men about what can sometimes be an isolating experience.”

Kuen-Wah- who has developed this event whilst taking part in The Men’s Network’s Community Leaders Program – can be contacted on 07900 190505 by anyone wanting more information. 


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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