Can you help us Beat Male Cancer?

The Men’s Network in Brighton & Hove is developing a new project to help Beat Male Cancer at community level.

While tens of millions of pounds is invested in cancer research every year, relatively little funding goes into Beating Male Cancer in the community. This is particularly worrying when you consider that men are: 

  • More likely to get cancer
  • More likely to die from cancer
  • Less likely to get screened for cancer
  • Likely to be diagnosed for cancer
  • More likely to get a late diagnosis
  • More likely to report a poor patient experiencer

And even more alarming when you consider that at least a third of all cases of male cancers are preventable.

The purpose of our Beat Male Cancer campaign will be to bring more focus and funding into beating male cancer at a community in six key areas.

1. Raising Awareness amongst men and the people in men’s lives of how to Beat Male Cancer

2. Increasing knowledge of the causes, risks and preventative measures associated with male cancers

3. Improving men’s access to existing services and initiatives that can help us Beat Male Cancer

4. Promoting and supporting lifestyle choices that can help Beat Male Cancer

5. Helping more men and boys to develop help seeking behaviours to increase early diagnosis

6. Improving the range of support services available to male cancer patients, survivors and the people in their lives

As with all Men’s Network projects our approach will be to:

1. Support, promote and build the capacity of existing initiatives

2. Advocate, campaign, inform on issues that effect boys and men

3. To identify gaps where there is little or no service and create solutions

4. To make resourceful connections locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

5. To take a leadership role where appropriate

Our first initiative in launching the Beat Male Cancer project will be to support a local survivor of testicular cancer, Ryan Walsh (pictured), in developing an awareness raising campaign called Talking Testicles focussed on delivered on delivering awareness raising talks to teenagers in local schools.

Ryan is currently taking part in The Men’s Network’s Community Leaders Program which trains men and women to develop and deliver local projects that can improve the lives of men and boys in Brighton & Hove.

If you’d like to volunteer or support this project and help us Beat Male Cancer contact us today via Glen Poole at or by calling 07981 334222.

We are particularly interested to hear from volunteer fundraisers, awareness raisers, male cancer survivors and their families and people who can run support groups, as well as professionals working in the field.


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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7 comments on “Can you help us Beat Male Cancer?
  1. Derek Ingram says:

    Why bother with any mens health issues, Doctors dont want us in their surgeries, if men went as often as women theyd need to open 24/7 to cope so they are completely happy with men not going. Male cancer is in nasty areas, all hush hush areas, lets not talk about those areas not before 10pm anyway oh breast cancer ah such a nice thing to talk about, everyone likes to talk about breasts so lets have more. Wear it pink, seems to happen a lot, wear it blue? do they have those days? Cancer Research UK should be ashamed of the total sexiest campaigns they run! If i got told I had cancer Id go home, and get a big bottle of whiskey, lots of sleeping pills and then go from there, because thats what the Doctors would really want you to do, there sugeries are able to cope with men, the receptionist alienate you, try to put you off saying come back in two weeks for an appointment, so whats the point women moan they cant get top jobs, men get a 2nd rate NHS

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  6. […] to welcome autistic testicular cancer survivor Ryan Walshe into our team and help him create the Talking Testicles project that has seen him give cancer awareness talks to over a 1,000 teenagers in Brighton & […]

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