Is Male Circumcision Legal??????

 The legality of male circumcision will be debated at at UK conference later this month – click here for details of the conference – organised by the charity Genital Autonomy.

his two day conference will consider the legal and human rights issues surrounding non-therapeutic genital surgery on male, female and intersex children. The conference follows recent publicity generated by in San Francisco where campaigners gather enough voter signatures to put a possible ban on non-therapeutic circumcision before a Judge ruled that the city couldn’t regulate on medical procedures due to protections around religious freedom – click here for the full story.

The leader of the anti-circumcision movement, Lloyd Schofield, said he  was considering an appeal stating: “We will not stop until all men are protected from this damaging and harmful surgery”.

Earlier this month campaigners from Men Do Complain and NORM-UK deliver and open letter to the British Medical Association. The letter detailed the unethical nature of the medical establishment’s position regarding the circumcision of male minors. Click here for the full story.

The issue will be highlighted again at NORM-UK’s AGM in September – click here for details – and will be one of the topics feature at the UK’s First National Conference for Men and Boys hosted by The Men’s Network in Brighton & Hove on Tuesday 1st November 2011.



Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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9 comments on “Is Male Circumcision Legal??????
  1. david says:

    it is only allowed because it is done to MALES! It is barbaric, religious stupidity and offers no benefits at all, Nature says so and so does everyone with a foreskin! Watch closely at who is behind “favourable2 reports, media coverage which is pro..see what their background is..especially their RELIGION!

    • Peter L says:

      Good post David. I took part in my first protest in London this year.

    • In my opinion no boy or man should be circumcised against his will. Every boy or man must have the outright decision on what should happen to his body.
      Although some people say it should be done for hygienic reasons implies that boys and men are dirty but girls and women are clean. Others contend that it offers protection for women- in that case it must offer as much protection for men because it is women that suffer Bacteria Vaginosis which can cause problems for a man or men- not enough emphasis is placed on that. if it is barbaric for females called FGM it is equally barbaric for males.There are different ways of performing a circumcision and these should be explained in full. if an adult decides to undergo circumcision for aesthetic reasons that is his choice….

  2. I dont beleive relligion should have any thing to do with male Circ,it should be strictly a health/hygene issue,
    it should be legal,and the parents should be let make the decssion.When the procedure is perfomed in a safe clean envoironment,by a Dr/Surgen,the bennefits will out way any feminist rantings,Cheers,WG

  3. Patrick says:

    Some people just don’t get it! The parents don’t have to live with the consequences of an imposed circumcision on their son(s). In my experience it seems to affect men differently. I personally have always resented being circumcised as an infant and can see nothing positive it has done for me, but plenty of harm. I will always be angry with my parents (who are both now dead) for allowing it to be done to me. There is enough personal and emotional challenges for a male to cope with in life without having the additional burden of being subjected to this form of mutilation at the outset.

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