Aussies fight for male childcare workers


Anyone interested in this area may want to check out the email below from Paul Mischefski at Men’s Wellbeing Inc. Paul is seeking emails of support from anyone with information and expertise that could add weight to this campaign.

If you can help Paul make the case for a men only course then please send him an email to

Here’s a letter from Paul:

Hello Colleagues,

Some women friends of mine run the Early Childcare Teacher Training department

They have been trying to get State Government approval to run the first-ever male-only course for childcare teachers.  They see the need for this due to the chronic lack of male teachers and positive male role models in the early teaching environment.

This field is predominantly taught by women, with the occasional males in a mostly-female class and there is a need to attract more men into the industry.

The course proposal has had to go through all sorts of bureaucracy, including the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal, to prove that it is not discriminatory to women by having a male-only class.

At present the proposal is stalled in the Qld Government Civil and Administrative Tribunal and will be lost completely unless they can provide references by Thursday this week from either suitably-qualified people, people involved in education or different men’s organisations. Any support would help.

I have promised to supply them with a statement in support from Men’s Wellbeing Inc, but they need more.

If any of you are able to provide them with a professional reference/testimonial, or better still one with any statistical information that might support the need for a male-specific course, it would be a huge benefit to them and a major step towards helping address a gender imbalance in our early childhood training in Australia.

These are great women with a good heart who can clearly see a need for our children to have gender balance in their early nurturing years. If approved hopefully this course may open some doors to further courses around Australia.

Attached is the letter they have been sent from the Qld Government Civil and Administrative Tribunal seeking information or support to back up their proposal.

In my experience, males in the early childcare teaching environment do experience specific gender obstacles, not the least being some discrimination and implied suspicion around their involvement with children.

A male-only class could provide a more supportive learning environment that could encourage greater numbers of men into the industry.

If anyone is able to provide support, preferably on letterhead or stating qualifications or organisational affiliations, it would be deeply appreciated.  These can be emailed either to myself

Warm regards,


Paul Mischefski
* Executive Member, Mens Wellbeing Inc
* Editor, Mentor Magazine
* Journalist / Researcher


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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2 comments on “Aussies fight for male childcare workers
  1. Hi Paul,
    I am a male Childcare worker. I work in Dublin, Ireland. I can see the real need for a male only Childcare course. It would definitetly promote the sector to male second level students.
    I am attached to the Men in Childcare Network who are proactively involved in promoting men in the area of Childcare. I do not have any testimonials personably but I would be more then welcome to inquiry about obtaining one from MIC. I would then forward it on to you.
    Best of luck with your application to the Qld Government. I have a lot of admiration for you and your cause.

    Kind Regards
    Peter Quinlan.

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