Men’s Network creates Men’s Mental Health Week

The Men’s Network will launch the first ever Men’s Mental Health Week in Brighton & Hove in April 2011.

There are around a dozen events happening throughout the week with each day having its own unique them. To find out more just click on the name of the event below or visit the Men’s Mental Health Week 2011 blog now.

MONDAY 4th April: Improving Mental Health Services – Helping Men Get Help

On Monday our focus is on connecting Mental Health Services Providers in Brighton & Hove with our Mentally Good Networking Breakfast and our Helping Men Get Helpworkshop.

TUESDAY 5th April: Accessing Mental Health Services – Time Out For Men and Boys

On Tuesday we shift focus from service providers to service users with two events organised by the Brighton and Hove Local Involvement Network (LINk) – a workshop to help men who want to find out How To Get Your GP To Listen to your concerns and a public consulation event that asks Are Men Getting A Raw Deal From The NHS?

To round the day off, The Men’s Network is hosting an Introduction To Men’s Groupswhich is open to men of all backgrounds.

WEDNESDAY 6th April: Spirituality and Personal Development – Transforming The Mind

On Wednesday we will aim to raise our collective consciousness with a special evening gathering called Sharing Transformation. This event is for men of all religions and none who are interested in taking their next step on their journey of self discovery.

THURSDAY 7th April: Employing The Mind – Empowering Men Through Work, Training and Volunteering

On Thursday we are back to work highlighting the positive mental benefits of employment, training and volunteering hosted by Skills Training UK. In the morning we will run an event called How Volunteering Can Change Your Life and in the afternoon Toby Buckle of Hazelbranch will be facilitating a workshop on Mental Resilience For Men At Work.

FRIDAY 8th April: Food and Mood – Eat, Drink and Be Happy

On Friday we kick start the weekend with a Barstool Debate on the topic Has Brighton Got A Drink Problem? where we consider the impact of food and drink on our mental wellbeing.

SATURDAY 9th April:  Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds – Exercising The Mind

On Saturday we focus on the benefits of physical activity with our Walk Like A Man country stroll for men of all backgrounds and older children.

SUNDAY 10th April: Fun, Friendship and Family – Minding Each Other

On Sunday we emphasize the mental and emotional benefits of having family, friends and fun in your life with a Dads Big Day Out and a Night of Comedy Madness at Dr Brightons to round off the week.



Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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