How one quick click from you could help us win £10k for men’s health

Could you help us Improve Men’s Health in 2011 with just one quick click today…..?

There is £10k of funding up for grabs and it could be invested in improving Men’s Health in Brighton & Hove if you use this LINK to vote online now.

The money will be dished out at City Camp Brighton – a 3 day event that is designed to help us use technology to improve the way Brighton & Hove works and if you follow this link and vote now you can make sure that Men’s Health is one of the key topics debated at the event.

Voting now for Men’s Health can help us to create some great new ideas for improving men’s health using technology during Men’s Health Week 2011 (13th – 19th June 2011).

Could the ability to book GPs appointments online or uploading a picture of an embarrassing lump for online diagnosis or timely reminders to your mobile to do some exercise help more men in our city live longer, happier, healthier lives?

With more and more people using computers, mobile phones and social media sites on a daily basis, there are great opportunities to find new ways to use these technologies to:

  • Increase access to important health information
  • Improve early diagnosis rates
  • Support healthier lifestyles such as increasing rates of physical activity
  • Support behaviour change like stopping smoking, reducing drinking, eating healthier etc
  • Connecting more people to local health services, support services and leisure facilities

If enough people like you vote to Improve Men’s Health through technology today by clicking on this link now then we could se £10k invested in ideas like these at City Camp.

City Camp Brighton takes place on Friday 4th March – Sunday 6th March 2011 and is followed by another excellent local opportunity to explore ways to Improve Men’s Health through technology with Wired Sussex at the Wired For Health event on Thursday 17th March.

So if you want to take one quick action to help us Improve Men’s Health through technology right now then just CLICK ON THIS LINK and vote to IMPROVE MEN’S HEALTH THROUGH TECHNOLOGY today……


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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5 comments on “How one quick click from you could help us win £10k for men’s health
  1. Vanessa Gaier says:

    Really important servic,nothing like it in Brighton

  2. James Williams says:

    The country needs more Mens Networks centres. This would be an important breakthrough if the imblance in funding was just evened slightly by Mens Network getting an award.

  3. […] can find out how to vote for Men’s Health by clicking here now to help Men’s Health come first in an online poll and read on to find out how technology […]

  4. Valetta Moyle says:

    Glen poole has such drive, I predict this will spread from here. . . . watch this space, good luck to all involved.

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