Could you help men who have been raped?











Our friends at Mankind, the charity that supports men who have been raped and sexually abused, are currently looking for new counsellors to deal with a big increase in new clients in recent months.

Mankind, which operates across Sussex, has been working on a project to increase awareness of the experience of men who have been raped and sexually abused to help more men get the support they need to put their lives back together.

The charity’s expert team help men by listening to and believing their clients’ stories, helping them make sense of what happened and supporting men to bring about the change that is needed for them to live a life free from the abuse they have experienced.

This can be an exceptionally rewarding role for a counsellor who will have the opportunity to help Mankind’s clients create better futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

It is estimated that more than 1 in 7 men in the UK experience rape and sexual abuse and figures from the Ministry of Justice reveal that female victims are twice as likely to report as male victims.

Men and boys of any sexuality or social background can experience rape and sexual abuse and the perpetrators can male, female, straight and gay.

It can be extremely difficult for any man who has been raped or sexually abused to come forward and get help, and it is even more difficult in cases where the perpetrator is female.

According to Dr Michele Elliot’s report on female sex abusers, 86% of victims who tried to tell anyone were not believed the first time they told someone and shockingly sixty-five per cent of the survivors who tried to tell a professional like a  therapist, doctor or teacher were not believed the first time they tried to disclose the fact that they have been abused.


If you or someone you know could help support men who have been raped and sexually abused please contact Mankind today by clicking here.


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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5 comments on “Could you help men who have been raped?
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  2. krystal hunt says:

    Is it possible to tell if a man been raped by a woman and if so is there any rape kits for men.

    Thank you,
    Krystal Hunt

  3. Laura Berrier says:

    I am a therapist that has worked with rape victims, gay straight and bisexual. I saw gay couples. I specialized in trauma and certified in EMDR. I would be able to help and at present I am living in AZ but would relocate for the right opportunity. Is this online or in person? I have worked in private practice for a number of years. Please call me at 520-881-0017. I would like to forward you my resume and other information. I am also certified in several other types of therapy which enables me to use the correct approach for the problem at hand. Thank you for your time and I am interested to hear what type of help that you need.
    LB: 520-881-0017

  4. ANON says:

    last year, my then 38 year old fiance confessed out loud for the 1st time ever in his life that his father had brutally raped him between aes 5 to 14.this is the most vile act i can imagine, and e are both having issues.i want to help him in anyway i can, yet he just now, over a year later has agreed to go to counciling and a mens group through RAINN. i am very open and so extremely thankful for any help from anyone, thisis the boy next door to me my whole life. its torture. it hurts me to now he was so hurt, hurts me to think of how this makes him feel.

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