How do you become the great dad you know you can be?

Great sportsmen have the world’s best coaches. Great businessmen have the world’s best business advisors.


The Dads’ Group in Brighton & Hove provides a space where dads’ of all backgrounds come together on a regular basis to learn about themselves, make new friends, support other men and help us build a network of great dads in Brighton & Hove.

It doesn’t matter what stage of fatherhood you are at, we welcome every type of dad as long as you are ready to be part of a group of men who are happy to support each other to be great dads.

What’s great about Dads’ Group is this: when you come and try it out you will soon discover that not only are other dads the best people for you to learn from, but you already have a great deal wisdom to offer other dads.

We believe that being a dad is the job of a lifetime so it doesn’t matter if you are contemplating your first child or have children who are long grown up and left home – whatever stage you are at in your fatherhood journey our experience tells us that you have a lot to give and a lot to get from coming to Dads’ Group

As one participant in our 2010 Dads’ Group said:

“I did not know what to expect when I attended my first Dads’ Group meeting. In all honesty I was rather sceptical at how such a meeting could benefit me. In truth the experience has been nothing short of remarkable as it has helped me to strengthen my weaknesses and will continue to make me a better Dad. This is the only place for me, where I can discuss the issues of Fatherdom, which are not always handed down with a manual of instructions!”

And one of the other dads said about Dads’ Group:

“It’s turned my head upside down, put it back on the right way and helped me see things differently”

Our regular Dads’ Group will be meeting in Tuesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm in Central Brighton (venue to be confirmed) on the following dates:

  • Tues 1 Feb
  • Tues 15 Feb
  • Tues 1 Mar
  • Tues 15 Mar
  • Tues 5 Apr
  • Tues 26 Apr
  • Tues 10 May
  • Tues 26 May
  • Tues 7 June
  • Tues 21 June

Dads’ Group is free to attend and we welcome donations to help us sustain and develop our services for dads in Brighton & Hove.

If you want to find out more about Dads’ Group or would like to come a long to a session and try it out then please contact If you would like to take part in these meetings please contact The Men’s Network Chair, Glen Poole by email:


Glen Poole is UK co-ordinator for International Men's Day, Director at the consultancy Helping Men and news editor of insideMAN magazine. Follow him on twitter @HelpingMen or find out more about his work at

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